Thursday, March 22, 2018

re: new-ish, art!

Hey friends, fans, foe and lovers,

here are some new-ish pieces of art, getting back into it!!!

hope you dig it, lots of news to come!!!


Cobra Ramone, check her band out! 
Vancouver, BC rockers!

Amber Sarah, awesome model,
need to do some more shoots with her!

Marissa, what can i say? 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

re: Valentine's day. lol

Hello friends, family, foe and lovers,

it's Valentine's Day and being forever single with no plans to ever get back into a relationship, nearly ten years "single and sassy" now, I couldn't be happier or ever thing about it again, so here are some laughs!

cheers and will be posting again soon!!!

Chris Bose.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

re: poem/song!!!

Hello friends, fans, foe and lovers,

revisiting some old projects and stumbled across these songs, and poems, check them out!!!



Friday, January 05, 2018

re: new poem !!!!

Dealing with a new life:
Being sober is a much
Needed change
In many ways it
Is like a getting a new car
I traded in my rez rocket
For new dreams
New goals
My life is like a new car
A new war pony
For the journey ahead

I am still walking
Kicking the tires
Wondering what to get
Out of this life
Shaking this hopeless
Feeling off
Hasn't been easy
The loss of my kids
The loss of my relationship
I didn't know how to be in one
All residential school
That I had to stop
From infecting
My kids

Rusted over
Creativity has broken
And is free now
I reclaim my languages
Secwepemc and Nlaka pamux
I pore over books
Of history
Learning about how our
World changed in 1810
When the first fur trading post

Went up in Secwepemc territory

the greedy bastards
have never stopped wanting.

Monday, January 01, 2018

re: more new poems

The party is over:
It hurts where I used to play
I’ve become invisible
To women of a variety
Of ages
As I let myself go
Here and there
Spilling out of my shirt
And sides
My orgasm sounds have become
My pissing sounds

Whereas a few years ago
I was enjoying the field
Now I enjoy watching
Marathon episodes
Of new comedies or
Action thriller series

I no longer think
About relationships
Or maybe “this one will work”
Or anything like that
I watch friends
Try and try again relationships

I don’t want to share my time
With anyone anymore
Time is precious
I don’t want to learn to deal
with idiosyncrasies
Or live with anyone
Or listen to their bullshit
Or neurosis

No I’m content to putter
About my home
Make art
Play guitar
And parent my children
As I prepare
To enter the third quarter of my life
I’m cool with it.

The road:
I’m tired of it
Tired of being on it
It no longer is fun
I loathe hotels
And bus terminals
The smell of an airplane
As you get on
Dry and fake
The fart smell of a bus
The air conditioning
Wheezing away

I’ve noticed
That people no longer
Talk to one another on buses
I think because everyone
Is exhausted and overwhelmed
And overloaded
By life
That and they’re endlessly
On smart phones, tablets
And other technology

Whereas people on planes
Still chat each other up
Probably because of some
Base fear of dying alone
In a plane crash

I do like being in fancy hotels
And looking like I don’t belong
Sitting there in my paint covered
Tired, grubby looking
And worn out

Sometimes I’ll get asked if I’m staying
There to which I’ll reply
“No, but can I just stay in the lobby
like five more hours?”
and security is called
and then I produce my key card
and identification which is verified
at the front desk
and the person or person who complained
look all confused and angry

All while I smile and laugh
savouring that feeling
like I’ve created a new way
to hurt someone’s feelings
nom nom nom nom
it feeds me
being able to be in a confrontation
where I know I’m totally right
and there’s nothing they can do

about it.

re: newer poem~!

Over a month ago:
I decided to quit
It was about the third
Time this year
But this time it took
And I enjoy
Waking up
In the morning
Without a crushing hangover
A dry pasty mouth
Reeling from a blackout
Worried about what I said
The night before
Online while drunk
Reacting emotionally
And wondering why no one
Had invented a breathalyzer
For computers
Before posting stupid things
On the inter-webs

It has been over a month
And I noticed
Something different
This time around
The improvement
Of my overall
Well being mentally
And physically
Just feeling so much
Better instead
Of so much bitter
Has been an incredible
Boost for my mind
And spirit

I realized
I was hitting
The bottle out of sadness
Anger and self-pity
And had been for a long time
Most of my life
Has been about
Dealing with loss

Loss of home
Of family life
Of language
Of culture
Of various anchor
Points in my life
Like my grandfather
My grandmother
Both were
Both knew our land
And language so well
They were intertwined
My parents
Had both been through
Residential schools
And were in many ways
So trying to raise a child
In that broken
Was never easy or
Even possible

I quit drinking
And feel all the better
For it

I knew its time had come.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

re: new poem!

Oregon Jack Creek
It is early morning
And I read archeological
And historic documents
Wading through hip deep
Rivers and creeks of paper
Reading about my people
My relations
My ancestors
Hunting and fishing
On the land
For thousands
And thousands of years

Our DNA in the ground
Living in sheest-kins, pithouses
During the cold months
And thule reed tipis
During the warmer months
Moving with the seasons
Speaking our language
Nlaka pamux
To one another
Shin-gee little brother
Cha cha little sister
Skee-Zeh mother
Sqac-Zeh father
Yah yah grandmother
Spap za grandfather
Yetek shin wen wen

A good morning
It is as I reclaim
My language
Reading about Oregon Jack creek
And how 4800 years ago
My Nshayt-kin
My relatives
Were processing
And butchering elk
And preparing for winter
And as I drive up
And down the valley
Along the Thompson river
I try to imagine
What it was like
Before contact
How bright the stars were
How clean the air was
How free our people
Must have lived

Instead of now.