Sunday, January 15, 2017

re: the guitar gear box channel intro finally!!!

Hello friends, fans, foe and lovers,

i've finally gotten the guitar gear box channel introduction done! a couple years after i started the channel, LOL!

okay, i originally started the channel as something of a joke, mainly wanting to keep my editing and video chops up because i get bored very easily, but then some people liked it and asked me to get a little more serious about it, as in showing how to record guitar live on a computer, mic placement, etc. so, i'm getting to work on it and really enjoying it, well, when my camera gear works and computer gear syncs as well, LOL!

technical glitches aside, that are inevitable in any sort of production, expect more videos and fun as the year rolls on and i hope you tune in, turn on and crank it!!!

cheers and kukstemc!

Chris Bose.

(click on the link to see the video!)

Friday, January 06, 2017

re: 2017!!!!

Hello friends, fans, foe and lovers,

it's a new year! 2017!!!! woohoo!!!

i hope it goes well for you and myself as well! haha.

planning on doing more videos, some instructional videos, comedy videos, cultural and language videos and what have you, so i started the new year off with a little instructional video on recording a live guitar in garageband on a mac!

this is my first ever "real" tutorial video and it was done most off the cuff, or on the spot, i think i rehearsed things 2 times what i was going to say and recorded it in "quicktime," on my mac. sometimes i feel you've just got to go for it, if you "hem and haw," you can do that forever, but if you seize the moment and go for it, you'd be surprised what happens and where it could lead you!?

i'm planning on doing more videos like this and improving them and having fun!!

so, without further ado, check it out on my youtube channel here:

until next time!

Chris Bose. 

Thursday, December 08, 2016

re: montreal murals

Hello friends, fans, foe and lovers,

here is a new video based on my time in Montreal participating at the "Decolonizing Street Art Festival," in late August 2014. I was there for 10 days or more and painted a hell of a lot of walls. haha, it was awesome.

I met Red Bandit from L.A., Jessica Sabogal from San Francisco and Kay Marie Gallivan from Victoria, BC. and we crushed out a bunch of walls with murals and street art, it was great fun! So refreshing to paint in a place where you didn't have to jump through a lot of bureaucratic hoops to make some cool street art and no hassles from the cops. The organizers asked a few businesses if we could paint and they said "yes" or "no" and it was as easy as that i think?

Anyway, here's a video I shot on my gopro camera of a small piece I worked on while i was there with my new friends and it was fun. Have a look see and if you're in Montreal, go check it out and let me know how the murals are holding up!!!

kukstetsemc and cheers!

Chris Bose.

click on the link below to check out the video!

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

re: drawings from my daughter!

hello friends, fans, foe and lovers,

here are some drawings my daughter did for me recently and i thought they were so cute i would share them. 

until next time,

chris bose. 

rather festive!

dapper penguin!

owl, butterfly and blue and purple bumblebee!

These are apparently a few of my
favourite things?!

re: comedy channel launch on youtube!

Hello friends, fans, foe and lovers,

after a couple years of planning and shooting short comedy videos, my friend Mike and I finally took the plunge and have begun launching our channel youtube. we'll be loading a video per week because it's fun to do and something to do in kamloops, bc, which keeps our imagination going and challenging.

so have a look and share the link and stay tuned!

click on the link below to go to the channel:

Monday, November 28, 2016

re: new video!

Hello friends, fans, foe and lovers,

i bring a new video to you, carried down from the mountain on a donkey with the original 15 commandments. kidding. it's a video featuring the short children's story "Goodnight Goon," as read by my daughter Tater. a fun project i thought i'd start and do something weekly. eventually the plan is to do some stories in Nlaka'pamux and or Secwepemc, which would be really cool!

new mediums to get kids into art, language, reading and culture are always a good thing!

so, anyway, have a watch and stay tuned. my friend mike and i will also be launching a comedy channel soon on youtube!

in the meantime,


chris bose, esq III.

click on the link below to watch and hear the video!

Friday, November 18, 2016

re: health awareness?

hello friends, fans, foe and lovers,

due to the recent bout of bronchitis i've endured, one thing i feel i must share, is that i've developed a hyper sensitivity to things like perfume, the smell of smoke, weed, vehicle exhaust, stale air and even the differences of air pressure in different environments such as the apartment i live in. for example, i went for a short walk for fresh air, came back into my building and the entryway smells like old carpet and stale air, but not as bad as when i open the hallway door to get to my apartment. the air there was still and dead, i felt my breathing labour and increase trying to compensate for the lack of fresh oxygen and struggled to open the door, keys fumbling about, sweat on my brow until i finally unlocked the door and got inside my apartment. which smelled like my dinner of baked potatoes, carrots, celery and sausages. haha. but i could feel the air pressure difference in each environment in my lungs and how hard they had to work. it was brutal and i've never really noticed anything like that before.

i think because before things were just "given" or yeah, that's what the place smells like or whatever, i can even notice the stench of a heavy smoker that much more, it's quite sickening to me now, you know when someone smokes so much it's practically and probably coming out of their pores? that sweet, yet sour stench of nicotine ingrained in their yellow fingers, hair and clothes. i was at a music store and there were 3 very sketchy people making life uncomfortable for the clerks because they separated in the store and suddenly they had to watch them like hawks. i could smell them six feet away. or when i was at the pharmacist waiting to get my antibiotics 2 women wandered around the aisle close to me and sweet, pungent smell of their perfume filled my lungs and made me cough until i got up and moved to another part of the store. i even had to change my shampoo and soap because it was too smelly to find something far more neutral. this is so weird because it's thing i might have noticed before but didn't give a damn yet now i can't stand it and have to leave. if this is some kind of super power, it sucks. haha.

anyway, just something i've noticed and had to get off my chest and mind. so, stay healthy friends, as you get older it is starting to feel like healing is taking longer, boo-urns!



re: health, wellness and our healthcare system.

hello friends, fans, foe and lovers,

hope all is well in your world. i've been overcoming bronchitis and it's been a slog through the healthcare system to get it diagnosed and treated properly. i was initially sick for a week, it was gradually getting worse and worse, the coughing and disruption in my sleeping patterns. by the time i got to the doctor after 7 days, i was sleeping sporadically, 30 to 45 minutes at a time and then coughing brutally spitting out phlegm and drenched in sweat.

those were long nights, and by the time i saw a doctor it was at a walk in clinic here in kamloops, where my visit with the doctor was all of 3 or 4 minutes and out the door i was getting x rays on my lungs in case it was pnuemonia and a prescription for 2 inhalers to help me breathe. two days later i went back to the walk in clinic and saw another doctor, an older one who actually seemed to care and took a few minutes longer to get information from me. i received another prescription this time for antibiotics for bronchitis which i've been using and am feeling better more and more.

this made me wonder why the doctors hammered through patients so quickly, do they get paid per patient and time is money? why if there is a "doctor shortage," in town does this one walk in clinic have 14 doctors on the roster? is it more lucrative to work out of a walk in clinic as opposed to a private practice? i remember when i actually had a family doctor, a doctor i had for 10 years, my visits with him were at least 20 minutes and he listened carefully and calmly. the doctors in walk in clinics never sit, pace around and make what i believe are rushed decisions and you have to be careful about your diagnosis. get a second opinion if you don't feel better or trust in what you have been told.

one positive thing that has come out of this bout of bronchitis is i now have a singular driven goal to improve my health mentally, physically and spiritually. i never want to get sick like this again. i'm also going to work on a series of art, drawings and paintings about illness. personify illness. in the form of monsters. so, with that i've included a few drawings from another artist named John Kenn, who is fantastic at drawing monsters on yellow post it note pads. to me, they represent fears which can be illness, it's a starting point for me at the very least.

take good care of yourself,


Thursday, November 17, 2016

re: cache creek murals

Hello friends, foe, fans and lovers,

Here's a couple murals from earlier this year, it was quite fun and community driven murals can be a learning experience for both the artist and the students being mentored. this year i worked with both youth and elders on murals and they were all awesome experiences and i learned as much as i shared. i can't wait for the next mural!

in the meantime i'm drawing and doing research online for new inspiration and techniques and ideas. it never ends!

until next time,


this last photo is a mural recovery and rescue
from an attempted sun type thing, myself
and the students in the photo fixed up the sun 
added the sky flow and the clouds
in a couple days. fun!

re: mural in spences bridge, bc

hello friends, fans, foe and lovers,

here's the before and after shot for a mural in Spences Bridge, BC, it's about a kilometre away from the #1 highway, the Trans Canada turn off onto highway 8, the Spences Bridge to Merritt, BC highway. which is also one of my fave drives ever. such a fun drive, beautiful and lots of curves and stuff.

this one is 165 feet in length and was done in a week with help from the Elder's Vision Council in Spences Bridge, a wonderful group to have worked with and these photos do not show the great detail that is in the mural. I'll have to find more.

until next time,


These are panorama photos and you have to click on them to enlarge them!



re: another heckuva year!!

Hello friends, fans, foe and lovers,

it's been a heckuva year so far. i've painted 250 feet of murals this year, mainly this late summer and fall in both kamloops, cache creek and spences bridge, bc. that's approximately 405 feet of murals in the thompson nicola regional district. TNRD. whoa! well, legal ones anyway, lol!

i'll post a few flicks.

This is a mural from the Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society at 125 palm street, go check it out.

The photos show the process of putting up a mural. whew.